DAY 1. - If you have watched my insta story, you know about the @1stphorm Transphormation Challenge. (Go watch it if not! 😘) - - I am a Trainer/Coach in this free contest! I am also doing it WITH you guys because there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Several people have reached out to me about being scared of "before" pictures. Trust me, we all hate them.. until we see our after. It is SO worth it to see your body change and it makes all the work worth it. Don't be scared of the before picture, just focus on the after picture. - - So I did the scary part and am posting it to my social media for the world to see 🙈 If you know me, I always wear shorts with my swim suit because I'm so insecure about my thighs, butt, and cellulite (yes I have that too) So I decided to take my picture in swim suit bottoms and my goal is to be confident enough to wear them without shorts! - - Message me if you want to do the challenge, or sign up with the link in my bio! Info about the challenge ⬇️ ✨Starts Jan 22 ✨8 Weeks - ✨$50,000 winner & $10,000 winner ✨Free custom meal plans - ✨Free custom exercise plans ✨Weekly check ins with me and/or Jeffery Frazier via FaceTime, phone calls or email! Accountability!! ✨Live videos every week in FB group ✨Access to our FB group & 1st Phorm Transphormation group #FrazierFit #mytransphormationstartstoday

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